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Privacy Policy

updated 10.12.2020

https://quercus-group.com is run by Quercus Group Aps, Dantes Plads 1, 1557 København V. Email: info@quercus-group.com.

The website's purpose is to provide a digital overview of Quercus Group as company including its services, projects, team and relevant contact information.

What data do we collect and how do we use it?

Quercus Group collects and/or stores the following data on you


https://quercus-group.com uses Google Analytics to get insight into how the site is used. Google Analytics stores cookies. You can decline any cookies when you first visit the site. If you wish to manage your cookie consent settings, click here.

https://quercus-group.com is hosted on Netlify. Read Netlify's privacy policy here.

Relationship Management

If you participate in an event or interact with us in a more substantial way, we will store your name, email, phone number, organisation and position in our contact management system. We use this information to make sure that we are relevant in our communication with you when we interact.

We use Hubspot for our contact management system. Read about Hubspot's security here and privacy policy here.

Data protection

We do our best to keep your data safe and we will not in any circumstances share your data with any 3rd party. Get in touch if you have questions, want to inquire about any data we may have on you or want to be permanently deleted in some or all records.

General contact: info@quercus-group.com / +45 29 49 45 61; or Wadim Baslow: wadim@quercus-group.com / +45 91 11 44 56.