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Advisors in Regional Economic Development

Quercus Group is a value-driven consultancy firm specializing in sustainable and regional economic development through collaboration and multi-stakeholder engagement. We are headquartered on Nairobi and have satellite offices in Denmark and the US (Boston).

We work globally to stimulate business development, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability across the private, public and civil society sector through facilitated collaboration. Our end goal is to create better lives for people and to leave the planet a bit better than when we arrived. We believe that innovation and answers to large or small challenges in urban and rural communities can be reached so much better through joint efforts and collaboration across people and organisations.

Quercus Group was founded in 2012 by Nicolai Sederberg Rottboll. Since then, we have worked with clients and projects in more than 45 countries on all continents – always with people engagement, fun and impact as our leading stars.

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Over time however, we understood that partnerships with many involved minds, hearts and hands such as cluster organizations also create real changes in many other problem areas and sectors of society, too. They offer a way forward in intractable situations and open new opportunities to achieve value for many.

Today, we design, facilitate and manage multi-stakeholder partnerships around the world that create technological advances as well as other cultural, institutional, social, and economic innovations.

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It was the shared "aha"-moment when we knew that we achieved together what was unattainable by doing it alone.

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Let us unlock people’s potential to cooperate and innovate for sustainability.

Quercus Group employs a combination of approaches, methods and practices aimed to advance sustainability, collaboration and innovation. Our services help get a better understanding of what is going on, how to navigate rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society and how to create effective change by doing it in partnership.