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We help transformative organizations and actors to collaborate better


Quercus Group is an international consulting company for sustainability based in Copenhagen, Nairobi and Singapore. We focus on sustainable trade, regional economic development and social innovation. Our expertise is collaboration, co-creation and how to effectively use it to address the world’s most difficult challenges.

We help organizations, stakeholder and people from government, business and civic society to forge future opportunities, choices and solutions that are unattainable by acting alone.

Our services help get a better understanding of what is going on, how to navigate rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society and how to create effective change by doing it in partnership.

Imagine what we can do together.


A single project can be the beginning of a systemic shift. We help making changes beyond mere optimization.

Since 2012, we supported companies, governments, cities, international agencies, universities and civil society in over 40 countries. Our engagements span days, months or years.

In past and recent projects, we tackled issues related to sustainable and inclusive business, urban development, waste management & circular economy, water & sanitation, climate smart agriculture, mobility, cleantech and cluster development.

We are not bound by the topic and seek synergies across sectors and themes. Foremost, we are driven by the challenge. We care a lot about the process. It turns out the biggest barriers to change, and what might be the strongest enablers of change is process. Our approach and methods support how you get there first and then what it is you are getting to.

State of Green

Access Cities

Young boy cycling through a gate in Singapore.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Inception Review: Lessons Learned - Innovation activities of 15 Danish CSOs

Workshop participants discussing innovation approaches to human development.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark

Bangladesh Sustainable Growth Study

Young Bangladeshi boys playing contaminated water body.

Confederation of Danish Industries

Kenya-Nordic Green Hub

Young man crossing the street in Nairobi's busy traffic.

Highland and Island Enterprise

Aquaculture Supply Chain Cluster Scotland

Fishing net of Scottish Aquaculture Industry

Annor & Associates

Sustainable Palm Oil Ghana

Sustainable oil palm seedling preparation on rows of tables.

Oxfam Ibis

Innovation for different livelihoods prospects in Sierra Leone

Nicolai Rottbøll faciltitates group discussion at an innovation workshop in Sierra Leone.

Danish Business Authority

Nordic Master Class for Sustainable Urban Development

Chinese City Executives visiting modern recycling center in Copenhagen.


We support collaborative and creative problem solving for sustainable development.


Do you want to engage a diverse range of actors to understand an issue deeper? Are you up to approach things differently and create new ways of doing together with others? Are you interested to find out what works, why and how it might be adopted? Quercus Group employs a combination of approaches, methods and practices aimed to advance sustainability, collaboration and innovation.

Through experience and expertise, our services integrate diverse perspectives and needs into a win-win-win approach. This entails tools to see the whole system from many viewpoints. It comprises bringing people together to seek alternatives, build them jointly and learn what works. At the heart of our services are people. The real glue is human. We resolve relational challenges.

Our approach is always tailored, taking the situation, unique needs and aspirations into account. We are equally happy to support our clients and partners in particular steps or make it a success from start to end.

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Understand & Situate

Social and Action Research, Diagnosis & Analytics // Stakeholder, Systems & Issue Mapping // Collective Intelligence // Synthesis & Sensemaking

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Plan & Strategize

Strategy // Theory of Change // Sustainable & Inclusive Business Model // Project Management // Futures // Fundraising & Financing

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Mobilize & Orchestrate

Creative Facilitation & Moderation // Engagement & Partnership Plan // Brokering // Cluster Development // Stakeholder & Citizen Participation ​

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Amplify & Generate

Co-Creation // Convening // Open Innovation // Innovation Labs & Teams // Value Chain Development // Challenge Prizes // Accelerator Programs

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Learn & Evaluate

Capacity Building, Trainings & Coaching // Innovation & Action Learning // Evidence, Monitoring & Evaluation

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Building new impact organizations, projects and alliances from scratch


We try to ensure that what we do is as impactful as possible.

Quercus Group is a consulting company. We thought about saying 'agency' to express the creative and imagining part of our work. We catered to drop the 'consulting', because it shows we do strategic advisory, but it does not reflect our excitement for developing and doing. Since 2012, our work brought us to over 40 countries across continents. We engage from our offices in Copenhagen, Nairobi and Singapore, which makes us also 'international'. Our team shape our interdisciplinary profile bringing together different professional and personal backgrounds. Let us add 'sustainable' or 'purpose-driven' to communicate our motivation and aspiration.

Our story

We also have a basement background. It was 2012 and our first office was in our CEO Nicolai's basement, where our story began building on his experience of establishing Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, today CLEAN. Primarily, he started Quercus Group to have a more interesting life, and the sense of meaning that comes from being on an epic adventure.

Our name

Yes, it is difficult to pick it up right away. Quercus is the latin name for oak. The tree symbolises the long-term. We take action in the now as our contribution to positive changes that last.

Our mindset

Everyone seems to like lists. Here are eleven attributes describing our mindset: curious, open, empathetic, pragmatic, outcome-focused, imaginative, adaptive, honest, humorous, humble and adventourous.

Our Future

Transformation is not enacted in siloes. No organization can, and perhaps should, tackle the complex issues that society faces alone. For us, this means to grow as a team in number and as people. It means to expand our network of partners and friends. What we would ultimately like to see happen: Collaboration and doing things differently become culture, not approaches.

We like coffee. It is even better if you reach out to work or partner with us.


You will find us to be friendly, open, and curious people. We prefer to meet each other, our partners and our clients on eye-height. "Good things start with a cup of coffee (or tea)," we say, because it helps to build relationships of trust and then we take it from there.

We are even more interested to work and partner with you. Pick your favorite from our team and reach out to start a conversation on how we can help.

Imagine what we can do together.

Nicolai Sederberg Rottbøll

CEO & Founder

Email iconnicolai@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon +45 2949 4561

Linkedin profile of Nicolai Sederberg RottbøllConnect with me Twitter profile of Nicolai Sederberg RottbøllFollow me
Nicolai Sederberg Rottbøll is the CEO and founder of Quercus Group

Michael Rottbøll

CFO & Partner

Email Iconmichael@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+45 2012 9233

Linkedin profile of Michael RottbøllConnect with me Twitter profile of Michael RottbøllFollow me
Michael Rottbøll is partner and CFO at Quercus Group. He works primarily with smart and sustainable agriculture.

Mariam Njoroge

Country Manager

Email Iconmariam@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+254 723 341 220

Linkedin profile of Mariam NjorogeConnect with me
Mariam Njrogoe is the country director Kenya and East Africa at Quercus Group

Wadim Baslow

Senior Project Manager

Email Iconwadim@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+45 9111 4456

Linkedin profile of Wadim BaslowConnect with me Twitter profile of Wadim BaslowFollow me
Wadim Baslow is project manager at Quercus Group with a focus on sustainable development, collaboration, innovation and cities.

Jackline Ogolla


Email Iconjackline@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+254 728 916 471

Linkedin profile of Jackline OgollaConnect with me
Jackline Ogolla is a consultant at Quercus Group with a focus on researcha and smart and sustainable agriculture

Allan Han-Huei Teo

Managing Director Asia Pacific

Email Iconallan@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+65 8102 6722

Linkedin profile of Allan Han-Huei TeConnect with me
Allan Han-Huei Teo is managing director of Quercus Group in Singapore and South-East Asia.

Maja Møllnitz Lange

Senior Consultant

Email Iconmaja@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+45 2363 6198

Linkedin profile of Maja Lang MøllnitConnect with me
Maja Møllnitz Lange is a senior consultant at Quercus Group with a focus on global city networks and public administration

Benny Mistry

Associate Partner

Email Iconbenny@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+45 9177 9800

Benny Mistry is an associate partner at Quercus Group supporting projects within smart and sustainable agriculture.

Flemming Madsen

Associate Partner

Email Iconflemming@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+45 2612 2630

Flemming Madsen is an associate partner at Quercus Group with a focus on livable labs.

Thyge Poulsen

Associate Partner

Email Iconthyge@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+45 2496 2118

Thyge Poulsen is an associate partner at Quercus Group with a focus on human development.