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Kenya Nordic Green Hub

Together with Nordic and Kenyan partners, we developed and established the Kenya-Nordic Green Hub. The hub aims to identify, inspire, create, and amplify climate projects in collaboration between Kenya and the Nordics. Funded by the Nordic Development Fund, the hub is an initiative by Aalto University, the Confederation of Danish Industries, Inclusive Business Sweden, the Kenya Association of Manufacturers and a broader group of Kenyan and Nordic partners.

The hub convenes a diversity of public, academic and private stakeholders and a range of activities designed to address issues around urban mobility, industrial waste and household waste managemenet in Nairobi and other Kenyan cities and counties.

Project Period: Spring 2019 - ongoing

Workshop Poster from the sustainable mobility track at the KNGH summit

Starting Point & Challenge

A plethora of Kenyan and international organizations and agencies work towards addressing climate and humanitarian issues parallel to each other. While effective solutions, from policy interventions to technological approaches exist, the issues continue to persist in the absence of a coordinating force connecting these efforts effectively.

Our approach

The hub aims to provide a 'roof' under which a mutual understanding of the issues arises, as a basis to combine actors and solutions from Kenya and the Nordics in a portfolio. It serves a coordinating purpose to direct joint forces to address particularly issues around urban mobility, industrial and consumer waste management.


The hub hosted a summit with 200+ participants in Spring 2019 as launch and established a first board, whose members comprise ministries, industries, academia and ciciv society from Kenya and the Nordics. It paralelly pursued feasibility studies and project planning based on ideas that arose during the summit. The hub is currently working on its financing model.

Learn more

The hub is collaborative effort. Reach out to Nicolai, Mariam or Wadim to find out more. Feel encouraged to contact also the project partners.