Circular Economy and Cluster Development Training
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The purpose of the training was for both Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and Quercus Group Kenya Ltd to jointly sensitize and offer strategic and operational support to KAM’s member organization in respect to cluster development and circular economy.

Discussions and training activities

The Circular economy and cluster development training was the first and thus an introductory training held by Quercus Group for KAM member industries in Kenya.

The training was undertaken by the CEO of Quercus Group, Mr. Nicolai Rottboll, who holds a decade of experience in Green Growth, Circular Economy, Multi-stakeholder engagement and Cluster Development advise. Mr. Rottbøll entailed an interactive training approach including lectures, discussions, group work and presentations by the groups.

The main content of the training was

  •  Introduction into circular economy
  •  Principles of circular economy
  •  Cases incl. “Tech Solutions” on circular economy in the oil industry
  •  How to get stated with circular economy
  •  Introduction to cluster development
  •  Introduction to Multi-stakeholder engagement
Client name:
Quercus Group and Kenya Association of Manufacturers (Kam)
September 2019

Acknowledgements of collaborations and sponsors

Quercus group acknowledge Kenya Association of Manufactures for organizing the venue, inviting the participants, media, financial support and ensuring the overall success of the training.