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In 2012, Quercus Group started as a spin-off of Nicolai Rottbøell's cluster development experiences focusing on cleantech and on helping other clusters to succeed.

Over time however, we understood that partnerships with many involved minds, hearts and hands such as cluster organizations also create real changes in many other problem areas and sectors of society, too. They offer a way forward in intractable situations and open new opportunities to achieve value for many.

Today, we design, facilitate and manage multi-stakeholder partnerships around the world that create technological advances as well as other cultural, institutional, social, and economic innovations.

It was the shared "aha"-moment when we knew that we achieved together what was unattainable by doing it alone.
Benny Mistry from Quercus Group.

Benny Mistry

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Jackline Ogolla from Quercus Group.

Jackline Ogolla


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Mariam Njoroge from Quercus Group.

Mariam Njoroge


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