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We like coffee. It is even better if you reach out to work or partner with us.


You will find us to be friendly, open, and curious people. We prefer to meet each other, our partners and our clients on eye-height. "Good things start with a cup of coffee (or tea)," we say, because it helps to build relationships of trust and then we take it from there.

We are even more interested to work and partner with you. Pick your favorite from our team and reach out to start a conversation on how we can help.

Imagine what we can do together.

Nicolai Sederberg Rottbøll

CEO & Founder

Email iconnicolai@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon +45 2949 4561

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Nicolai Sederberg Rottbøll is the CEO and founder of Quercus Group

Michael Rottbøll

CFO & Partner

Email Iconmichael@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+45 2012 9233

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Michael Rottbøll is partner and CFO at Quercus Group. He works primarily with smart and sustainable agriculture.

Mariam Njoroge

Country Manager

Email Iconmariam@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+254 723 341 220

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Mariam Njrogoe is the country director Kenya and East Africa at Quercus Group

Wadim Baslow

Project Manager

Email Iconwadim@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+45 9111 4456

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Wadim Baslow is project manager at Quercus Group with a focus on sustainable development, collaboration, innovation and cities.

Jackline Ogolla


Email Iconjackline@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+254 728 916 471

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Jackline Ogolla is a consultant at Quercus Group with a focus on researcha and smart and sustainable agriculture

Allan Han-Huei Teo

Managing Director Asia Pacific

Email Iconallan@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+65 8102 6722

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Allan Han-Huei Teo is managing director of Quercus Group in Singapore and South-East Asia.

Maja Lange Møllnitz

Senior Consultant

Email Iconmaja@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+45 2363 2198

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Maja Møllnitz Lange is a senior consultant at Quercus Group with a focus on global city networks and public administration

Benny Mistry

Associate Partner

Email Iconbenny@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+45 9177 9800

Benny Mistry is an associate partner at Quercus Group supporting projects within smart and sustainable agriculture.

Flemming Madsen

Associate Partner

Email Iconflemming@quercus-group.com

Phone Icon+45 2612 2630

Flemming Madsen is an associate partner at Quercus Group with a focus on livable labs.