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Aquaculture Supply Chain Cluster Scotland

The marine and aquaculture economy plays a vital social, cultural and economic role in Scotland. Yet, challenges such as a strong global competition, climate change, a skills gap, a lack of clear routes to commercialize innovations and new technologies, or regulatory frameworks increasingly inhibit economic and social health of the sector.

The Highland and Island entreprise invites industry actors and other key stakeholders to form a cluster, as common model to identify and realize answers to the shared sectoral challenges together.

Together with our partner Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd.,Quercus Group supports the entire process of establishing an aquaculture supply chain cluster in Scotland to strengthen the local economy, overcome challenges and catalyze opportunities. The team provides strategic planning advisory, strategic diagnostics, handheld support and stakeholder engagement services until an initial cluster set up is in operation.

Project Period: 2021-2023

Scottish Landscape with Aquaculture Facilities

Starting Point & Challenge

Besides the issues of the marine and aquaculture economy, the hurdles of developing and establishing a new cluster from the ground up are many - deeply understanding the ecosystems with its actors and their individual and shared challenges, developing a mission and activities to enact it, find an adequate governance and financing model, coordinating a variety of perspectives and what needs to be done, and how, when and who.

Our approach

We take it step by step in an open and deliberate fashion. Quercus Group provides the stewardship, our 8-step cluster development model and the tools to develop a new cluster.


The journey has just began.

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Cluster development is the expertise area of Nicolai. You are welcome to reach out to him or Wadim, who is part of this project together with our partners from Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd.