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Access Cities - Global Alliance for Sustainable Urban Development.

Danish and Nordic small and medium-sized companies offer solutions holding the potential of helping global cities to transition towards greener and more sustainable pathways. The public and private procurement procedures of global cities such as New York, Munich or Singapore often impede more innovative solutions to access the local market. At the same time, the experience of Danish urbantech and cleantech companies on internationalization is often limited.

Access Cities aims to support innovative solutions providers from Denmark and the Nordics to access markets in New York, Munich and Singapore by exposing them pre-competition and pre-procurement. The project runs multiple open innovation processes based on city-to-city partnerships.

We support and lead the Access Cities' activities towards and in Singapore.

Skyline of Singapore with Marina Bay Sands in the front

Starting Point & Challenge

Cities, increasingly more than nation-states, lead actions on climate change and human wellbeing. Big global cities have strong leverage, but face more complex challenges at larger scale. Danish and Nordic small and medium sized cleantech and urbantech companies provide creative and innovative solutions, however, the public and private procurement procedures of global cities such as New York, Singapore or Munich are barriers to access the local markets. On the other side, these cities cannot procure what they do not know, risking a lock-in in less-innovative solutions. This is often due to a mutual visibility gap.

Our approach

The Access Cities project is a global alliance of cities for sustainable urban development connecting innovative solutions to pressing challenges, starting in five project cities: New York City, Singapore, Munich and the Danish cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus.

It aims to increase the mutual visibility and understanding of the partners and network through an open innovation process. Quercus Group leads the alliance's activities in Singapore from forging new connections, to designing and leading the open innovation actions.


The project is still on-going and will share initial results soon.

Learn more

Access Cities is a collaboration among State of Green, the Confederation of Danish Industry, Quercus Group, Climate-KIC, the City of Copenhagen and the City of Aarhus. The alliance is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation.

If you want to learn more visit the alliance's website or reach out to our colleague and managing director in Singpore Allan.