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A single project can be the beginning of a systemic shift. We help making changes beyond mere optimization.

Since 2012, we supported companies, governments, cities, international agencies, universities and civil society in over 40 countries. Our engagements span days, months or years.

In past and recent projects, we tackled issues related to sustainable and inclusive business, urban development, waste management & circular economy, water & sanitation, climate smart agriculture, mobility, cleantech and cluster development.

We are not bound by the topic and seek synergies across sectors and themes. Foremost, we are driven by the challenge. We care a lot about the process. It turns out the biggest barriers to change, and what might be the strongest enablers of change is process. Our approach and methods support how you get there first and then what it is you are getting to.

State of Green

Access Cities

Young boy cycling through a gate in Singapore.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Inception Review: Lessons Learned - Innovation activities of 15 Danish CSOs

Workshop participants discussing innovation approaches to human development.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark

Bangladesh Sustainable Growth Study

Young Bangladeshi boys playing contaminated water body.

Confederation of Danish Industries

Kenya-Nordic Green Hub

Young man crossing the street in Nairobi's busy traffic.

Highland and Island Enterprise

Aquaculture Supply Chain Cluster Scotland

Fishing net of Scottish Aquaculture Industry

Annor & Associates

Sustainable Palm Oil Ghana

Sustainable oil palm seedling preparation on rows of tables.

Oxfam Ibis

Innovation for different livelihoods prospects in Sierra Leone

Nicolai Rottbøll faciltitates group discussion at an innovation workshop in Sierra Leone.

Danish Business Authority

Nordic Master Class for Sustainable Urban Development

Chinese City Executives visiting modern recycling center in Copenhagen.